A picture says more than 1000 words (or vice versa)

Whether it's a single advertisement or an entire campaign, a single blog post or the strategy for all texts on a website: The story determines which words it needs and how many. A thousand words or just eight - or perhaps none at all? Here are a few highlights from over 25 years of storytelling for brands:
Implenia: Life means

Life means...

Implenia thinks and builds for life. Gladly. That is the new claim of the newly merged company Implenia in 2006. Director Marek Beles and writer Arne Völker show with a lot of feeling what life really means.
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Among the 300 richest

Every year in November, the Swiss business magazine Bilanz publishes an all-gold issue. For one issue, it is all about those who have made it: the 300 richest. Those who have really made it in Switzerland are included in this ranking. But what if, for an entry in the...
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Performance creates trust

This film is not my film. For once, I didn't pre-conceive the images, didn't direct the language, didn't even write the text - and yet I influenced it so much. And that's why it fits perfectly into my portfolio. Even though, or perhaps because, it was made shortly after my time with Vontobel. During my years with Vontobel...
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Focus on the product

Hewlett Packard printers, scanners and multifunction devices stand for excellent performance, top quality and innovative technology. So you don't need a lot of trappings - but above all yourself to advertise yourself. Ideally, they should always be the center of attention. Client: Hewlett Packard Use: Switzerland, 2001 Agency: Publicis, Zurich Creative Direction: Daniel Krieg...
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Less is more

How can you still effectively promote something that every Swiss person already knows anyway? By doing a little less. And simply letting words speak without any pictures.
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Show us!

You don't need an agency to make a Swiss adaptation. One copywriter is enough. No matter if the source language is English, French or High German. And no matter if the target language is High German, Züritüütsch, Bärndüütsch or any other Swiss dialect. Like here with TBWA\ Berlin for the spot "Zeig's Uns" from the current adidas Running campaign. Client:...
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Stay Parked in Laax

"Stay Parked" is the message that Orange in Laax wants to send out to day visitors. Or rather, not on the way: because if you stop at the Orange Cube Bar before returning from the slopes to Zurich, you'll not only have fun. They also save themselves the traffic jam on the way home. All the way...
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A shark goes to the mountains

The Ericsson R310s is always a bit tougher, even at Christmas. The promotional offer "Crystal Pack" therefore stages it like the great white shark - only in the snow. Client: Ericsson Use: Switzerland, 2000 Agency: Pucci, Sulzer, Zurich Creative Direction: Däni Sulzer Art Direction: Däni Sulzer Text: Arne Völker
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choc'n'go: Only the name remains

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to make any films for Cailler, neither for choc'n'go nor for the other products; I lost the pitch with Publicis against JWT+H+F. But at least something of mine has remained for Cailler: the name for the product choc'n'go. PS: Is choc'n'go still available in Switzerland? Or only in France - and there under...
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No surprise hits

The headline wasn't right at all for Philipp Lahm and his teammates when they surprisingly took the lead in the 6th minute on Friday evening. That was actually quite surprising and anything but lame... Obviously it worked with the home field advantage that the agency Unikat and I had in the first World Cup...
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Home advantage Germany

It's strange to be sitting here in Switzerland today and pondering Germany's home advantage from there. Especially because everyone in Switzerland is probably in favor of Costa Rica. But I already wrote this ad a few weeks ago. Today it is the first of many to appear (among others in the...
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Say more in more languages

One promotion follows another among cell phone providers. Many offer more call minutes for the same money. Orange, however, offers twice as many minutes. And this can be staged in a completely new way - with speakers whose native language immediately stands out from every commercial break. In Japanese, for example. Or even in Finnish. Customer: Orange Use:...
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Ideal dimensions

After all, this is supposed to be about something. And also about the work of the copywriter who sells. (Even if he's just trying to blog.) So here's a nice example of how you can still create a pretty decent campaign in four days. And that gives us hope that...
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