Scoring points instead of advertising

Bank Zweiplus doesn't actually want to advertise. It wants to convince. And that's why it relies entirely on its customer magazine Pluspunkt for communication.

Bank Zweiplus is a young bank. As a start-up in 2008, it is entering an economic period in which the mood toward banks is generally hostile. But it has persisted and, more importantly, succeeded.

Perhaps that's also because it strikes quiet tones in its communication. Not advertising. Instead, it convinces. Above all, with information. At the heart of this approach is the customer magazine Pluspunkt. It appears four times a year with news, background information, market reports – and a little promotion of the bank's sponsoring activities.

Arne Völker develops the content structure and content formats for the magazine. Provides an overview with detailed topic outlines on the front page. And researches and writes the content, partly under his own name, partly as a ghostwriter for bank employees.

Task: Content Marketing · Customer: Bank Zweiplus · Agency: Aebi, Völker, And · In Use: 2009 to 2010 · Arne Völker conceptualizes and writes the text: Content formats, content structure, interviews, articles, headlines, infographics

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