VermöThe management of investments is also possible without a flesh-and-blood investment advisor. Provided the website explains how easy it is. And leaves no questions unanswered.

Investment advice is based on the same portfolio models everywhere. Whether it's a human sitting across from you or a machine.

For the online wealth management service of Zurich-based startup True Wealth, Arne Völker develops texts that are so clear they can replace humans. And makes sure everyone knows how easy it is.

The result is a website that not only explains the product well. It is the product itself. So convincing that it wins twice at Best of Swiss Web 2015: Gold in Business and Bronze in Usability.

Task: UX texte - Customer: True Wealth - Agency: Aebi, Völker, And - Deployment: since 2014 - Arne Völker conceives and writes the text: Home page, detail pages, navigation, product texts, investment process - URL (Live):