Whether artificial or natural: the main thing is intelligent

I help you to produce your content faster - and more of it. With the concentrated power of artificial and natural intelligence.

"I'm a copywriter - and I'm getting rid of myself."

"So, what are you up to?" That's a popular question. My answer is usually: "I'm a copywriter - and I'm getting rid of myself." I often get a laugh out of it. I like that.
That's why I'm happy to ignore the fact that the statement isn't true at all. I still haven't done away with myself.
Since 2018, I've been working on getting artificial intelligence to do away with my job. That's five years - and AI still hasn't succeeded.
Not quite.
She can do a few tasks for me quite well. It can even do a few that I would never have been able to do. But while the AI is doing these tasks, new ones have been created for me.

The better the AI, the more important the human being

The faster artificial intelligence writes, the more urgently it needs natural judgment. For my job, that means

  • I am less and less of a copywriter.
    Sure, I write a few things myself. But only if they are strategically important as individual pieces. Or if they serve as a template for what others write afterwards. No matter whether it's people or machines.
  • I am a creative director more than ever.
    I am grateful that I was able to learn with people to separate the good ideas from the bad ones - and to promote the great ones. That's why I can curate the ideas of machines today.
  • I'm more of a journalist again.
    Since paid advertising has become more and more expensive and since many more people are creating much more content, as a copywriter I am finding my way back to the profession I once learned: Journalist. Where you research first. And only start writing when you have the raw material for a good story.

New thinking, new clout

When you work with my team of people and machines, you experience a whole new power. It comes from the right thinking.

Nothing works without strategy

Anyone who plans with me knows that I think of everything beforehand. That way, the path is clear afterwards during implementation - and everyone can produce effectively.

We walk the talk

We use artificial intelligence for everything. Even for meetings. Transcription turns every conversation into content - even if it's just for you and me.

Nothing is closer than remote

Remote first since 2011. Because everyone works in virtual space, every step is documented. That means for you: You are just as close to us as we are in the team.

Where do you benefit most from artificial intelligence?

I'm happy to take 15 minutes and talk to you about ways you can start implementing next week.