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You should only write more and faster with artificial intelligence if you can write well without it. Find out here how you can learn to do this, what you need to do and what is then possible:

I still google

Google's lawyers say we shouldn't Google. But they think we should simply not say that we Google. Instead, they say we searched with Google. Has anyone at Google thought about what would happen if we took their lawyers at their word and actually stopped Googling?
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Only correct is also of no use

Certainly, correct German is often the best way to achieve good German. But correctness alone is not enough. However, the Aktion Lebendiges Deutsch (Living German Campaign) relies on this justification alone in its search for the words of the month: With 3418 suggestions, German speakers from 22 countries took part in the 2015...
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Google knows me again

Cheers: the agony is over, Google knows me again, my name is mine again. I'm happy and relieved that everyone can find me who is looking for me, and at number 1 on Google when you type in my name. But I'm honestly amazed at how much you can accomplish with a small blog. Now I appear...
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I was dead for Google

That was hard, sometime in the first days of this new year 2006: my name was no longer mine. I googled myself and was dead to Google. Dead. Out of the window. I was so proud to be in the top 10 with the keywords that were important to me: Arne, Völker, copywriter. So...
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