The writer who abolishes himself

Do I still have to write for you? Do you even need a copywriter to write for you? Do you still need a copywriter? If you need advertising or content, can't you actually commission that directly from a machine?

These questions keep me busy. Because many say: At some point, artificial intelligence will be able to do every job. It's not a question of if. The only question is when.

I do not want to stand idly by and watch this development. On the contrary. If I'm going to be abolished, then I want to be the one who abolishes me. That's why I'm setting out to find out what Artificial Intelligence can already do in texting today – and what it may soon be able to do.

In short, I become: The copywriter who does away with himself. Under this motto, I publish here little by little what I find out. What books I read. And which experts I talk to.

But that's not all. I'm also doing experiments. In which skills can software replace me first? What can artificial intelligence already do better than I can? That's why I'm turning myself into a guinea pig.

You can watch what kind of texts are created when I let software like Frase, Jarvis, AX Semantics and GPT-3 do the texting – on jobs like I usually do old-fashioned with my own hands and my own brain.

Soon it will continue. Here on the site and on YouTube. Connect on Twitter or LinkedIn – and subscribe to the newsletter, so you don't miss a thing.

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