Only correct is also of no use

Certainly, correct German is often the best way to achieve good German. But correctness alone is not enough. However, the Aktion Lebendiges Deutsch (Action for a Living German) relies on this justification alone in its search for the Words of the month:

With 3418 suggestions, German speakers from 22 countries took part in 2015 in the invitation of the "Living German" campaign to come up with a German, a better word for the AIRBAG, which is used in German as well. "Luftkissen" (Air cushion) was the most frequent suggestion. So why did the jury choose "PRALLKISSEN" (Impact cushion) anyway? Because "Luft" is as misleading as "air" has always been: It is nitrogen that is being explosively inflated by a gas generator.

I can fully support to say henceforth "pillow" instead of "bag". Not only because it is more correct. Also, because it makes the use more sensually comprehensible. The Aktion Lebendiges Deutsch very strangely justified the transfer of the part with "air" in terms of content: It may be true that the air in the airbag has always consisted of nitrogen. But that would only be the reason for saying nitrogen cushion instead of air cushion from now on.

However, someone on the jury must have had something of a feeling for language in addition to their instructional knowledge. Because the word "impact cushion" was chosen. Great approach, I think, unfortunately stuck again in the correct: because now bouncing ("prallen" in German) is definitely what I do on the cushion. Or the opportunity for the cushion to unfold freely. But the benefit, I still do not know.

Therefore, I proposed Protective cushion, or, as an alternative, safety cushions. But probably only advertisers think like that. And my readers like blogger Christian, who here in the comments had thrown the protective cushion into the discussion.

With this in mind, dear readers, let's move on to the next round of brain freeing. This one will be all about a German alternative for brainstorming. What do you think?

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