Google knows me again

Cheers: the agony is over, Google knows me again, my name is mine again. I'm happy and relieved that everyone finds me who is looking for me, and at number 1 on Google when you type in my name.

But I am honestly amazed at how much you can achieve with a small blog. Now I even appear on position 1 with completely different combinations of search words, for example with "Google" and "Arne".

With "Google" and "Völker" it's still enough for rank 2. "Skype" and "Arne" on rank 5 and "openbc" and "Arne" on rank 6 are not bad either. The combination "Google" and "Texter" on 31, if you restrict the search to CH domains, however, still needs a lot of improvement – but also not bad for a blog that has only been online for a week, right?

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