choc'n'go: Only the name remains

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to make films for Cailler, neither for choc'n'go nor the others ProductsI made the pitch with Publicis against YWT+H+F lost. But at least something has remained with Cailler: the name for the product choc'n'go.

PS: Is choc'n'go still available in Switzerland? Or only in France - and there under the Nestlé brand instead of Cailler?

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  1. I honestly have no idea. Initially, it was a huge success, and we won an Effie diploma with it. And the Nestor Award. But I haven't seen it on the shelves for a long time. Maybe the product was good, but the name .... from Publicis. Or vice versa. Greetings Andy

  2. Arne Völker

    @Andy: I can assure you, the product was not from Publicis. Grin...

  3. That was probably better, although that the people at Publicis have a Sprüngli as a source of inspiration quasi in the house, makes me a little envious. Have a nice evening!!

  4. Arne Völker

    Back when I was still at Publicis, we had the Sprüngli. Now - I think - that's over, too...

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