Product content that scales

New devices need new content. And not just when the product is on sale. But much earlier – so that the retailer orders it.

In 2013 and 2014, Samsung will launch over 300 new products in Switzerland. TVs, tablets, notebooks, digital cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and many more. Every single model needs to be described. A gigantic task.

Unless you break it down into its components.

Every device needs a few unique pieces of content: a headline with the most outstanding features. Technical data that describes it precisely. A headline that is unique and makes you want to buy it.

The rest can be bundled. Innovative features are new for the entire product group, they are just not in all models. Hundreds of specifications can always find room in a maximum of 50 table lines if they are combined intelligently – and of course only once per product group.

For this, Arne Völker designs a modular system across all product groups. Develops the content architecture of the tables with the product management. Suggests topics for feature texts, writes them precisely to length, and texts catchy headlines.

At first, the content appears as a data sheet. But that is only the beginning of a long chain of utilization. The content not only helps Samsung sell thousands of devices to retailers before the launch. It then finds its way onto the web: Samsung's own website. And (often unchanged) into the online stores of many retailers – where some of it still lives today.

Task: Product content, UX architecture · Customer: Samsung · Agency: Aebi, Völker, And · In Use: 2013 to 2015 · Arne Völker conceptualizes and writes the text: Content architecture, terminology, headlines, feature texts

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