Building technology (not only) for professionals

Installers are regular customers at Tobler. Homeowners rarely deal with building technology. How do professionals and amateurs find what they are looking for on the same website?

Tobler Haustechnik AG is the building technology wholesaler in Switzerland. And therefore the first address for professionals when they order material for the construction site or need information for planning.

Owners of a home rarely have to deal with building services. They often only see the service technician once a year. Yet, Tobler would have plenty of information ready for them if they have something big in mind: Talk to their plumber about renovating a heating system – or to an architect about a new custom-built home.

The old website separated the target groups on the home page. That took many clicks to reach the target. Many users went straight to Google – the proportion of navigation searches in the traffic was huge.

Much content of interest to both audiences was duplicated on the site – with all the ranking penalties for duplicate content.

The new navigation now presents all content under one roof. It is now only based on the question that the visitor asks:

Is the user looking for support with his decisions? Then he will find answers under Advice & Planning – for professionals and for laymen. And he is already perfectly prepared when he asks for expert advice.

Does the user already know what product he needs? Then he will find it under Products & Solutions. And just one click further, an order option in the store or, for more complex systems, professional expert advice.

With the July 2017 relaunch, the website gets a new content structure and new content, as well as a new design and an improved connection to the store. Next up is the integration of the joint brand: On November 24, 2017, Tobler Haustechnik AG and Walter Meier AG will announce what the joint company will be called in the future.

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