Performance creates trust

Vontobel image film

This film is not my film. For once, I didn't pre-conceive the images, didn't direct the language, didn't even write the text – and yet, I influenced it so much. And that's why it fits perfectly into my portfolio. Even though, or perhaps because, it was made shortly after my time with Vontobel.

During my years with Vontobel from 2004 to 2007, I read Dr. Hans Vontobel's book: Der Mensch als das Mass. Inspired by his thoughts, I wrote a headline: Some values you don't trade. You act according to them. It was created for the 2005 image brochure and also appeared as an advertisement. Years later, it appears – slightly modified in its wording – in the verbatim speech of Dr. Hans Vontobel, here, in this film.

If brand management is successful, it will outlive the individual advertising medium. I believe in that. And I'm pleased that this is evident here. Not only in this headline. Also in the claim for Vontobel. It dates back to 2007 and is still in use today, many years later, and is filled with new life every day: Performance creates trust.


Update from August 21, 2023: Now back on YouTube because I re-uploaded the movie from my own files.

Update from November 3, 2015: Unfortunately, the film has disappeared from YouTube. But Condor Films still has it on their website. And it is here.

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