Leading actor in "Golden October"

Mercedes-Benz is giving its discontinued models lots of extras. Communication is also really stepping on the gas once again – with interactive films to DIY.

The Vaneo La Vida, the SLK-Class Final Edition, the C-Class Sports Coupé Indianapolis and the A-Class Picadilly are entering their final model year in October 2003. Mercedes-Benz is giving each of these special models a sonorous name. And many, many extras free of charge.

Communication also adds a few extras – a microsite for a golden October. Users can play on it, discover the equipment features. And let the recording run while they do so. This creates a film with the dream car as the main character.

Visually, only existing product stagings can be used. Otherwise, however, Flash and Actionscript to the limits of what is possible. For this, Arne Völker develops the storylines and interactions together with the designers. Texts headlines and copytexts. (And the animated intertitles that helped to bridge the loading times back then).

Task: UX Storytelling · Customer: Mercedes-Benz · Agency: GFT Pixelpark · In Use: 2003 · Arne Völker conceptualizes and writes the text: Storylines, interactions, headlines, copy texts, operating instructions - Link: Mercedes-Benz Golden October (Mirror)






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