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Co-creation with AI: Showing how it's done

You don't just want to be amazed at what artificial intelligence can do - you want reliable results that help you in your work? With me, you'll learn how it's done.

Writing with Artificial Intelligence: 25 Tools to Help You Produce More Content Better and Faster

Which is the best AI tool for writing? More than one. In this overview, you'll find the right candidates for your toolbox.

What will you be when there's no need for copywriters anymore? Copy Director!

If machines can now write with AI, will copywriters be needed at all? And if so, what does this role look like? Become a copy director, say Manuela, Saim and me. And here we show you why and how.

So much content: who's going to write it all?

The customer journey is getting longer and longer. And content is needed at every step. How can artificial intelligence help produce all this text? At which stages of the...

The lyricist who abolishes himself

Do I still have to write for you? Do you even need a copywriter to write for you? Do you still need a copywriter? If you need advertising or content, can't you actually commission that directly from a machine?