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With artificial intelligence, you can write faster. But if you want it to be good, you have to go deeper. So take your time. Define your idea. Then you can scale the heck out of it. How do you do that?

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"I learned to write texts where you do your research first: As a journalist. After that, I was an e-learning author, screenwriter and copywriter. In short: I have experience almost everywhere where you tell a story with words. Since 2018, I've been working on making artificial intelligence do away with my job."

- Arne Völker

You can do away with the copywriter
(But not without a copywriter)

Artificial intelligence can already write quite well today: exciting content, factually correct, in exactly your style. But only if you think like a copywriter. And guide it - with the right guidelines:


Whether people end up writing or machines, prototypes clearly show where things are headed.


As detailed as necessary, as concise as possible: Precise instructions will help you reach your goal safely.


What does a human have to do, what can the machine do? Together we determine the right steps.

Where do you benefit most from artificial intelligence?

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Can I help you with this?

Do you need 300 pages for the relaunch of your website in three months? Or twelve social media posts every day on your CEO's favorite topics? Talk to me if:

  • you want to learn or train your team
  • you want it to be made easy for you
  • you want to decide where best to use AI

If you are a communication professional, you can finish work earlier. Because the work will be just as good - only finished much faster. And if you're a CMO, CTO or CEO and need to decide where AI texts are most beneficial for your business, I'd be happy to advise you.

Questions & Answers

I look forward to your questions. Here are a few answers in advance:

AI is not that stupid. Only half a year ago, it was happy to claim a lot of nonsense. Today, it doesn't want to do anything wrong and therefore plays it safe. That's why today it is one thing above all: boring. Everyone can do the same thing and everyone can do a lot of it. The only remedy: You feed her with content so that she has something to think about.

Wrong question. The AI is fast. And it's patient. It can probably write more YouTube scripts, Linkedin posts, and blogposts per day than you can ever publish. The question remains, though: can your readers read that much? And: will they if you don't put your own thought into it?

No, you don't have to be able to write. The artificial intelligence can do that for you. The important thing is that you have something to say - so that the machine knows what to write for you. It doesn't matter how you do it. You can write down your thoughts. Record them yourself on audio or video. Or let me interview you.

It depends. Yes, AI can give you ideas that you haven't had yourself. No, AI will not produce ideas that no one in the world has had before. But if you know how, you can give it a leg up. And when AI stumbles, sometimes nice surprises emerge.

They don't. You simply don't recognize the good texts from the AI. But what you see right away is that when you do recognize them, you find them boring. But that's not just because of the AI. It's also due to the people. Unfortunately, the people who publish the most are the ones who have the least to say.

«Nobody understands things as well as Arne. He instinctively knows what we need.»

— Anja Olsson
Head of Marketing Communications,
Samsung Electronics Switzerland

Where do you benefit most from artificial intelligence?

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