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Samsung: Product content that scales

New devices need new content. And not just when the product is on sale. But much earlier - so that the retailer orders it.

Vontobel: Among the 300 richest people

Every year in November, the Swiss business magazine Bilanz publishes an all-gold issue. For one issue, it is all about those who have made it: the...

Vontobel: Performance creates trust

This film is not my film. For once, I didn't preconceive the images, didn't direct the language, didn't even write the text - and yet I influenced it so....

Bank Zweiplus: Scoring instead of advertising

Bank Zweiplus doesn't actually want to advertise. It wants to convince. And that's why it relies entirely on its customer magazine Pluspunkt for communication.

HP: Focus on the product

Hewlett Packard printers, scanners and multifunction devices stand for excellent performance, best quality and innovative technology. So you don't need a lot of trappings - but above all yourself,...

Assugrin: How to lose weight more easily

Losing weight is hard enough. Especially if you take it deadly serious. Assugrin makes it a little easier. In advertising, too, of course. Client: Assugrin Use: Switzerland, 2000...

SBB: Less is more

How can you still effectively promote something that every Swiss person already knows anyway? By doing a little less. And simply letting words speak without any pictures.

adidas: Show Us!

You don't need an agency to make a Swiss adaptation. One copywriter is enough. No matter if the source language is English, French or High German. And no matter whether the target language is High German,...

Mercedes-Benz: leading actor in "Golden October

Mercedes-Benz is giving its discontinued models lots of extras. Communication is also really stepping on the gas once again - with interactive films to make yourself.

alinghi: Oops, they did it again

And it's nice that the people from alinghi thanked me again this time. Unlike many others, the first time I even...

UBS: More sailing for Switzerland