Category: Websites

True Wealth: Content with attitude

With online wealth management, who talks to investors when there are no meetings with an advisor? Preferably the website itself - on its blog.

Moneyhouse: Find more on the new website

Moneyhouse is what you find when you search for companies in Switzerland. Or the people who run them. Now you can also find what else Moneyhouse can do.

True Wealth: Good texts instead of private banking

Asset management also works without a flesh-and-blood investment advisor. Provided the website explains how easy it is. And leaves no questions unanswered.

Brother: Smarter blog for smarter work

How does the IT manager get his CEO to invest in new equipment? By convincing him that they are useful.

Mercedes-Benz: leading actor in "Golden October

Mercedes-Benz is giving its discontinued models lots of extras. Communication is also really stepping on the gas once again - with interactive films to make yourself.

Acredis: From questions comes beauty

Client: Acredis Use: Switzerland, 2006 to 2007 Agency: Unikat, Küsnacht Creative Direction: Daniel Meier Art Direction: Doris Herger Text: Arne Völker