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HP: Focus on the product

Hewlett Packard printers, scanners and multifunction devices stand for excellent performance, best quality and innovative technology. So you don't need a lot of trappings - but above all yourself,...

SBB: Less is more

How can you still effectively promote something that every Swiss person already knows anyway? By doing a little less. And simply letting words speak without any pictures.

UBS: Alinghi makes Switzerland a sailing nation

Acredis: From questions comes beauty

Client: Acredis Use: Switzerland, 2006 to 2007 Agency: Unikat, Küsnacht Creative Direction: Daniel Meier Art Direction: Doris Herger Text: Arne Völker

Shevchenko 1 - Switzerland 11

There's not much more I can add to the words I wrote for Vontobel as part of this campaign - and which appeared today in the sports section of the NZZ...

No surprise hits

The headline wasn't right at all for Philipp Lahm and his teammates when they took the lead surprisingly quickly in the 6th minute on Friday evening....

Home advantage Germany

It's strange to be sitting here in Switzerland today and pondering Germany's home advantage from there. Especially because everyone in Switzerland is probably in favor of...