Shevchenko 1 - Switzerland 11

There is not much more I can add to the words I have chosen for Vontobel within the scope of this campaign and which are published today in the sports section of the NZZ have appeared.

I wish the Swiss team every success in the round of 16.

Or, to put it more popularly: Hopp Schwiiz!

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  1. I press "you" in any case the fingers ;)

  2. Arne Völker

    Thank you, thank you, we can use it. (But the mood is good. Even very good...)

  3. Nice text. But if the guys can't shoot penalties even close to safe, the opponent wouldn't need Shevchenko at all.

  4. Arne Völker

    @ Paddy: Thanks for the compliment.

    Yes, a little mental training would have paid off....

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