You don't just want to be amazed at what artificial intelligence can do - you want reliable results that help you in your work? With me, you'll learn how it's done.

We've all seen it: ChatGPT can quickly produce a bunch of ideas and lots of text. But often the ideas are mediocre, the text sounds generic - and sometimes even the facts are wrong. If you want to get more out of your AI as a professional, you need to prompt better.

I have been working with GPT-3 since April 2021, which means that I have not only always been there live when the model has become better. I have also run into dead ends a lot and know what still doesn't work. Today you can learn from my mistakes and do it better from the beginning.

If you're a copywriter, concept developer, art director, media spokesperson, content marketer, social media creator, or any other communications professional, you can learn from me how to co-create with AI - and reliably create quality content in the process.

I will tell you when you can rely on ChatGPT. You can decide when you should use GPT-4. Where GPT-3.5 is sufficient. And for which tasks you better use other tools - and which ones.

You know how to extract exciting excerpts from existing content, letting the artificial intelligence either quote verbatim or paraphrase as you choose.

If you work on the client side or as a consultant, you'll be interested in how AI can be used to write better briefs for creatives. If you're a creative, you'll discover how to use language models to reliably reproduce a tone of voice - and how AI generates ideas that can be called truly creative.

My first public workshop in June 2023 for participants in the Creative Days from ADC Switzerland was clearly aimed at creatives: ChatGPT as sparring partner for text and concept. For internal workshops in companies and agencies, I also have modules for the curriculum in my repertoire, which are aimed at the needs of strategists and consultants in communication.

If you are looking for a training for you and your team, I will be happy to coordinate the content with you - talk to me.